Designing Your Badge Ecosystem

One of your first steps in using EduQuest will be to design your badge constellation.

In BadgeOS, the WordPress plugin we use for our badge workflow, each individual badge is called an achievement. These achievements can then be grouped into categories called achievement types.

While you could have all your badges exist in one group if you wanted, achievement types are great for organization. What you call your achievement types and how you decide to group your badges is completely up to you. Do you want to group badges according to cross-curricular themes or big ideas? Curriculum areas or strands? Difficulty? Skills or characteristics?

Are all your badges stand-alone or will some be inter-related? For example, you could setup your constellation so that achieving a certain combination of badges triggers the achievement of a larger goal. I decided to assign a point value to each of my badges and include an achievement type called “levels” that would automatically award badges to students when they met incremental point goals.

Will some of your badges be hidden to your students? Something they might trigger or unlock by surprise?

Not sure where to start? Check out these example badge constellations:

You may also wish to view the BadgeOS tutorial video on creating constellations.

Erica is an elementary French and technology teacher in Ontario, Canada. She is the creator of and

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