EduQuest is a division of FrenchQuest – a Canadian company, registered in the province of Ontario. We take your privacy seriously and take every effort to protect you in accordance with all applicable laws, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or other policies can be addressed to Erica Armstrong at ericaleearmstrong@gmail.com

By participating on EduQuest, you agree that you accept our policies.

What personal information do you collect about me and how do you use it?

User accounts, including those for teachers and students, require:

a) A username, which may or may not be a legal name and certainly can be an anonymous pseudonym. Your username becomes your unique identifier on the website and is how you login to the website. Your username is associated with any comments you make on the website and can be displayed on pages, such as in a list of users who have won a given achievement.

b) An email address, which may or may not be a valid email address. If your students do not have school-provided emails, or you do not wish to enter them into EduQuest, you can leave the email field blank and the system will auto-generate a fake email placeholder. Teachers should provide a valid email address, which is used to confirm site creation, for renewal reminders, for customer service purposes or other purposes deemed necessary from time to time. Both student and teacher accounts can receive email notifications which are automatically sent from the website (e.g., password reset emails). Students and teachers have control of email notification settings and can opt-out at any time. These automated notification emails are the only emails EduQuest will ever send to students – they will never be personally contacted. EduQuest does not lend, share or sell email addresses to third parties nor will EduQuest send promotional emails or “spam” of any kind on anyone’s behalf. 

c) A password, which is encrypted and stored securely. Teachers and EduQuest staff cannot see or retrieve stored passwords; however, in the event of a lost password, a new password can be created using the lost password tool (providing a valid email address was provided), or teachers can use the user management section of their dashboards to enter a new one.

Teachers have control over their students’ user accounts and are responsible for following appropriate school and/or board policies in regards to student privacy.

Statistics & Data

EduQuest collects aggregated data such as page views, unique visitors, screen resolution, browser used, number of total users and sites, and other non-identifiable data for statistical and internal management purposes. Knowing our site’s traffic patterns helps us ensure we have adequate server resources to support the traffic we are receiving, understand any issues or errors that may be taking place, see where traffic is coming from, or notice other patterns that may affect site operation. Teachers can see a summary of this data for their own site by visiting their dashboard.

Besides the non-identifiable website analytics noted above, EduQuest does not engage in data mining or analytics of student or teacher data. Our business model is solely based on subscription income. We do not seek or accept additional revenue from advertisers, marketers, researchers or any other third parties who may be seeking data – nor do we ever share any data with them for free.

Interactive Features, Privacy, and Copyright

The customization and interactive features of the website (e.g., adding new content, commenting) provide the opportunity for users to share further information voluntarily. Users are responsible for following all applicable laws while participating on EduQuest. We strongly believe in the benefits of a connected classroom; however, that opportunity also comes with responsibility. Teachers are responsible for teaching & enforcing digital citizenship with their students. Teachers also warrant that any content/materials they distribute on EduQuest is done so under the appropriate permission/license.

Third Party Links

EduQuest may link to third party websites. We take no responsibility for the content or policies of other websites. A link is provided for convenience, but is not necessarily an endorsement.

Financial & Payment Information

EduQuest uses Stripe as a payment processor. The data Stripe securely collects in order to process payment are subject to Stripe’s privacy policies.  EduQuest never sees, collects or stores your banking or credit card data. Stripe provides EduQuest with notification of payment, which includes the date of payment, the payment amount, and your name. EduQuest uses this information to manage your subscription account, provide renewal notifications and to start/continue/end access to your account as necessary.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

EduQuest uses Stripe’s “subscription” feature which automatically renews payments at your chosen interval to ensure uninterrupted access to your EduQuest website. You may cancel at any time. If you cancel, your website will continue to operate for the length of time for which you have already paid. Once paid, all fees are non-refundable.

Inactive Website Policy

EduQuest reserves the right to delete cancelled/expired/inactive accounts from time to time. Paid accounts in good standing will never be removed, even if inactive; however, free and/or expired accounts may be subject to deletion if inactive for a period of 30 days or longer. Please be sure to backup any customizations or information you wish to keep prior to expiration.

Policy Changes

EduQuest reserves the right to modify or change policies from time to time. Edits for spelling, grammar, readability, clarity or elaboration of existing policy may happen at any time. Should a policy change represent a shift in how we do business or if it impacts users, users will be notified in advance of any such changes. This page always represents the most up-to-date version of the policies.

Last updated: October 13th, 2015